Sumaiya Ansari

Hi I’m sumaiya,I m final year Homoepathic medical student.

So,firstly a hearty welcome to my space

I m here for sharing my ideas,views and a bunch of information that I had collected in my mind for past years of my life!

As a medico,u will get to know about medical information and as an medical student will share a thing that I m facing through these phase!! As a foodie will share a tempting snap about foods!As a Girl some sassy fashion tips! And lotttt moreee… And last but not least I really like to help a people who are mentally exhausted with the things around them…

If u haven’t noticed yet!let me tell uh u will really find a good content and surely find a consultant or u can say a colleague to help uh!! Thank uh so much for ur visit!!!

#Working hard for it!
Hoping for the best 👍💯
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